sheersSheers for Commercial use is what North Shore Trading does! Think of Hotels, Motels, Holiday Parks, Nursing Homes, University’s, large Accommodation Apartments including Back Packers etc. This is what we specialise in. All staff are trained to understand and know all rules and regulations. Probably being the biggest at what we do, we have the best prices. We are happy to be compared to anyone. We do custom made projects and provide a free measure and quote service all across NSW, unless special circumstance apply.

Sheers are available in many different designs and qualities. There are literally 100’s to choose from. But in our profession we cancel out any that aren’t for commercial use. So the qualities we look to promote are: Minimum dust collection, easy to clean, minimal odour collection and most importantly, durability.

Sheers can be placed behind the curtain or in front. We can make them with many different pleats to suit your particular décor. We can make them all with different heading heights to suit your current setup.

Buy from North Shore Trading because, we show up to measure every time. Because we have the widest range. Because we make it easy. Because we are quite often up to 3 times cheaper than anyone else. Because we love curtains and we have an in creditable amount of practical knowledge. But most of all because we treasure our customers business.

The North Shore Trading team look forward to impressing you and your guests. Please reach out to us anytime.