curtainsCurtains for Commercial use is what North Shore Trading does! Think of Hotels, Motels, Holiday Parks, Nursing Homes, University’s, large Accommodation Apartment including Back Packers etc. This is what we specialise in. All staff are trained to understand and know all rules and regulations. Probably being the biggest at what we do, we have the best prices. We are happy to be compared to anyone. We do custom made projects and provide a free measure and quote service all across NSW, unless special circumstance apply. We have also done curtains all across Australia but we are best situated to service NSW.

The fabrics we have on offer are extensive. With all leading and quality brands. We know what composition is best suited for commercial projects and will always sit down and discuss all our products so you know exactly what you will be getting. We pride ourselves in making things as easy as possible for all our customers. Add a sense of elegance and style into a room by choosing from a wide variety of Curtains at Wholesale Price for residential, commercial and hospitality purposes.

The North Shore Trading name has been around since 1950. We have many many years of experience and satisfied customers who I’m sure if asked will be happy to give their story about their complete experience with North Shore Trading.

We do big chain motels. We do smaller family run motels, and we know that 100% block-out is essential to your guests, and ratings. We look after nursing homes who have special FR requirements, and may need cubicle (bed privacy) curtains. We do house boats that need special fabrics that can be washed easy and often to prevent mould from growing. We do holiday parks who have limited space to fit curtains. We’re experience with many other projects, just ask. We have to stress, we do not do private homes.

Why buy curtains? these are the top 5 of main reasons. 1. Block-out light, very important for people who sleep during the day and work at night. Also important when car lights enter a complex at all hours. 2. Insulation, great for keeping electricity bills down and for people that need sleep during the day. 3. Privacy, is important to all guests. 4. Sound cancellation, this is important for facilities on busy roads, or even just when cars are pulling in and leaving at all hours. 5. Durability, is the most important thing in commercial. Curtain when compared to say blinds will outlast by an un-measurable amount. It’s hard to say exactly how long curtains will last. As some places have different rules and regulations. But we have had customers who have purchased North Shore Trading curtains and they’ve lasted somewhere between 10 to 20 years. Now that is very impressive as they are getting blasted by the Australian sun, and handled, by not the owner, at least twice in one day. Blinds tend to break very soon after purchasing in the same commercial environment.

Curtains have a sense of class. They soften the room. They frame a window beautifully, and when you have a view to show off then there no better way to bring attention to it. Curtains can make a room look vintage, classic, modern, warm, cool etc. Tell us what you are trying to achieve and I’m sure we will hit your brief perfectly.

Buy curtains at wholesale price from North Shore Trading because, we show up to measure every time. Because we have the widest range. Because we make it easy. Because we are quite often up to 3 times cheaper than anyone else. Because we love curtains and we have an in creditable amount of practical knowledge. But most of all because we treasure our customers business.

North Shore Trading is the ultimate place to get Wholesale priced Hotel Curtains in NSW area. Collaborate with us, and add a streak of luxury to your room. Our team always look forward to impressing you and your guests. Please reach out to us anytime.