Reliable Tracks for Curtains, Sheers and Bed Privacy Screens is something North Shore Trading Curtains Commercial have extensive knowledge about. We also do Rods, for Rod and Rings. We do Rods for Rod Pocket Curtains.

As we specialise in commercial we know the most common used track in our industry is our Style Track. This is a great heavy duty track that’s designed to be simple yet have a nice neutral design. These images will give you an idea

Style Track. This shows three different aspects to the track.

1. The front fascia, this is what will be revealed when the curtain is drawn. Nice curved, plain and simple design.

3. Is the back side of the track where the glides attached to.

Commercial Curtain Tracks. If you are after something even more sturdy we have our Commercial Track. It’s slightly different in design and is made simple again with a smaller profile. Here is an image:

This track also shows three different view points.

1. The side view which is what you will see when curtains are drawn.
2. At the top of the track is where you attach your bracket. The type of bracket to use is depending on where you are fixing it. Ceiling or Wall. Also if you are using a Twin Track or Single. Here are some pictures:

The Ceiling fix bracket works as your single and double. If you have twin track you just use twice as many brackets. It’s design to be extremely simple and unlike others, these brackets work independently.

A vast majority of our customers tend to install the curtains themselves. Not only does it save money, but in most cases our installers don’t have access to all the rooms when required. So you may have a maintenance guy or be confident with DIY projects yourself. If this is the case we will of course walk you through the process of the best way to install them. There are certain techniques which make the job much easier and it all depends on what Tracks and Bracket you use.


Cubicle Tracks. North Shore Trading Curtain Commercial also specialise in Nursing Homes and Hospitals. You would use the above tracks for the windows, and Cubicle Tracking for the Bed Privacy Curtains. This is done by using these tracks:

Cubicle Tracking

cubicle-trackingThe above is the most common used track. This can be suspended from the ceiling or attached directly to the ceiling. If attached straight to the ceiling the curtains will need an approx 550mm mesh finish on top to let light flow in whilst still giving privacy.

You also have the option of choosing the below Small Profile type:

Cubicle Tracking Small Profile

small-profileWhen it comes to brackets for cubicle tracking there are so many combinations that we won’t be showing them on here as this will probably make it seem more confusing. So please email or ring and discuss and we can send out free of charge one of our friendly account managers. Or it may be done through pictures and our in house professionals.

As mentioned above. We do Rods and Rings along with just Rods for Rod Pocket curtains.

Rods and Rings can look very nice but tend to be harder to open and close. Which when in commercial will place a lot more wear on your curtains and sheers. So only if you are trying to match what you currently have or if you are going for a certain design where they are a necessity would we recommend them.

Rod Pocket Rods we supply a lot to in Holiday Cabins for Tourist Parks etc. You place your rod inside the sheer to help save space. Especially cabins where space is a concern. Again, it’s something we do for certain places due to limitations but not something we recommend if you can get around it. Please remember that rods aren’t strong enough for most curtains, only sheers.


When is it time to replace your Tracks?

Most people don’t know when they actually got their tracks. But there are certain things to look for:

  1. Rust.
  2. Out of shape
  3. Bracket falling off the wall. In some cases this could mean the installer didn’t do a good enough job. But in most cases it means the brackets and track have been there too long. It may not just be the brackets that are falling off the walls it may also be the brackets bending because they have been there for too long. As we all know, nothing lasts forever.
  4. The curtains are taking a lot of effort to move. This is a sure sign you have got maximum usage from them.
  5. The glides are starting to fall out of the tracks.

Some people have very old tracks and to meet rules and regulations they need to find out a new solution to meet expectation. We can certainly help here. Part of our job is to know what exactly these regulations mean. When buying reliable curtain tracks, choose from a wide palate of colours, sizes, weights, designs and patterns. Try to buy the one matching your décor and style.

So please send us an email ( and we will organise action appropriately. If you prefer to talk on the phone please call us anytime on 02 9457 9888.